I is for Ink

Ink watercolor sketch by Alla Jordan

H is for Hand

Here is another daily sketch. This time I painted with watercolor first, then added some details with a Polychromos pencil. After that I added couple of more watercolor washes.

Hand watercolor sketch by Alla Jordan

Best Watercolor Artists’ Blogs

This post consists of links to my favorite artist’s blogs. If you would like me to add your blog into this list, please let me know in comments. I will publish the links to the blogs I find interesting.

Realism artists

Helen StromMandarine watercolor by Helen Strom


Carl Purcellcarl purcell watercolor painting

http://watercolorweapons.blogspot.comLeslie Redhead Watercolor painting

Abstract artists

This will be updated with some links to my favorite abstract artists.

Decorative art

Yao Cheng

Oana Befort

Teagan WhiteCate Parr

Sketching gurus

Shari Blaukopf

Brenda SwensonMateusz UrbanovichWil Freebornhttps://citizensketcher.com/http://www.johnkeelingpaintings.com/johns-blog


Illustration is a great source of inspiration for me. I will update this post later with some links to my favorite illustrators blogs.

Natalie Ratkovski (in Russian)






Daily watercolor sketch: G is for garlic

Garlic has such an appeal for painters and I am not exception. My husband asked me if I am creating an alphabet illustrations for children. I am not. This is actually just a personal project to set for myself a habit of creating art daily and practicing new techniques. I think it is very important for those who are learning to paint to practice regularly from direct observation. I do alphabet because it gives me easy prompts and I am usually not lost what to sketch. I just choose an object that I have in my house or can easily find at work and sketch. In the process I learn a lot about proportions, techniques and composition every single day.

watercolor sketching

Daily watercolor sketch: F is for feathers

I was sick and did not want to paint while coughing and sneezing. Now I am back to daily sketching and this is the time for letter F. Feathers turned not so great but this is a wonderful object for painting with watercolor. The green feather used to belong to a peacock who dropped it in the park, and another one was left in the grass by a duck I assume.

watercolor painting

Daily watercolor sketch: E is for Earrings

I wish I would have readers already, then we could play a game guessing what would be the object for the next daily sketch.

This sketch was very quick as I am slowly working on loosening my technique and to put fewer details into my drawing and coloring. The paper is not helping to use looser techniques though. 

  • Time: 30 min.
  • Paper: Stonehenge Aqua 140 lb, cold press
  • Materials: watercolor, color pencil, white gel pen

Daily watercolor sketch: D is for Duck

This sketch had a challenge I did not foresee. The thing is there is a lake near my work and there are ducks on the lake. When I go for a walk during my lunch time I always see a bunch of ducks sitting in the grass and sunbathing and I can approach them relatively close. But because my break time is only an hour and I was afraid not to complete a sketch in time I made a rough pencil sketch from a photograph to fix it and color upon arrival to ducks gathering. Good that I did it.

As I started to walk around the lake I could not spot a single duck. Going further I discovered they all were sunbathing in the middle of the lake and I could not see much. I blamed myself that moment I didn’t choose to sketch a dime or a drill. Daffodils or dandelions would be the most exciting but they are only available in spring. By the way do you know what other interesting “D-things” could I choose to sketch?

In the end the sketch I made from a photograph saved the situation though I was so upset with silly birds the sketch didn’t turn that great. But there will be another time, ducks, I’ll be back.

Watercolor painting sketching duck

Daily watercolor sketch: C is for Chair

Hi there! So far I am still doing my watercolor sketches, though it is a challenge to not miss a day. The good thing daily art also motivates me to post more often, which is quite challenging because I barely find time for my art and having dinner with my husband after work. But the lack of time problem was solved by scheduling the posts and publishing sketches I did several days ago.

Today I am posting a sketch of a chair at my work. I really like the color and shape of this chair and there is no other story behind this object besides I had to literally swallow my lunch to have the rest 40 minutes for sketching. The sketch itself took about 30 minutes plus time for the page to dry before I closed the sketchbook and put it in my backpack.

Watercolor painting sketching chair

Daily watercolor sketch: B is for Bell

This bell I painted before, but I like it so much that now I chose a different angle and I like it even better. You can see the previous sketch is in this post. The porcelain is quite challenging to paint because it is white, it has some raised pattern on its surface and I wanted to show it without making the sketch looking overworked. I used cobalt blue and cadmium red light to create the pearly grey, and it has been recently my favorite combination for cool clean greys.


Watercolor painting sketch porcelain bell

Daily watercolor sketch: A is for Artichoke

watercolor painting sketching artichokeThis is the first sketch in a series of daily small watercolor paintings that I started this week. One thought is coming to my mind. I read or heard from someone it is necessary to tell a story of the art to make it interesting for viewers. In that case my stories are very simple and naive. I didn’t find this artichoke in some prince’s garden, I bought it in a grocery store and I was supposed to buy only groceries I was going to cook, not paint. At that time I didn’t paint yet, but I was reading a blog of Natalie Ratkovski where she was posting her own beautiful sketches of artichokes and I thought that yes, it would be cool to draw it. And then I saw it in a store and bought it but didn’t draw. I let it dry and it has looked like that for about 3 years already. I sketched it once or twice recently, but this sketch I like the best so far.

Hoping you like that story, and if not, blame me in the comments))).